Coroplast Letters

Your best inexpensive way to get your message out there. They come in 4'x8' sheets and can be cut down to whatever size suits you. Coroplast is a waterproof outdoor corrugated plastic. Standard job site sign sizes are 18"x24" starts at $20 and 12"x18" starts at $15. Significant discounts if you order more than 25. Stakes that go into the ground are $2 each, we also offer a heavier stake that is $4. Standard coroplast is 1/4" thick, their are also 1/2" which is ideal for larger sizes that way you don't have to back it with anything.

Other Standard sizes:

2'x3' (poster size) starts at $40

3'x3' starts at $55

3'x4' starts at $70

4'x4' starts at $85

4'x6' starts at $100

4'x8' (sheet of plywood size) starts at $150

If none of these sizes work, we offer all sizes in between.

Price is based on copy, artwork, colors, images, one sided and two sided.